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I hate everyone and I wish every person on this planet would drop dead. I don’t give a fuck about whether or not people are actually good on the inside or not. I don’t CARE. Human beings are worthless disgusting stupid creatures. I give up! So what if they can be good? Most of them are useless! Sure okay maybe most or all of them are capable of being good, but they AREN’T.

How dare you be so arrogant and self-centered. How dare you think that I don’t work hard, why do you have the right to assume you know my worth? I hope you fucking burn in hell. I’d rather chew off my own arms than let you be my therapist and I hope your patients one day all kill themselves immediately so they don’t have to put up with you. It would be faster and more merciful that way. You can pretend you’re a perfect little, hard working, innocent, loving, smart angel, but you’re a stuck-up, judgmental, shallow, stupid bitch and we ALL KNOW the only thing you REALLY give a shit about is yourself and that all you really want is to be a lazy whore drowning in booze, so don’t fucking pull this saint bull crap it is so obvious and disgusting the way you slather yourself in Jesus and god, fucking bullshit, you’re so desperate and pathetic and SEE IF I EVER TRY TO STOP YOU FROM WANTING TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE AGAIN, THANKS FOR FUCKING NOTHING YOU PIECE OF FUCKING TRASH. 

And I fucking hate men. No, gender-equality my asshole, men fucking suck. All of them. ALL OF THEM. If you have a penis then I hate you because you are arrogant and dumb. I hope every man in the world gets raped by a flaming fire poker. Fucking douche bags. 

I’m going to throw myself in front of that train tomorrow. I’m going to do it. I AM DONE. FUCK YOU ALL. I don’t feel sorry for any of you. When I’m dead if I am still sentient I’m going to laugh at you all as you cry and wallow in self-pity and weakness and have a contest over who can feel the worst. I hate everything. I want to cut my wrists open right through the bone. I want to punch myself in the face until I damage my brain enough that I never have to deal with this again. 

nothing will ever make me feel better. nothing will make this okay. why is this happening to me? I am alone. 


Catching Fire Extended Scene: A Wrinkle

This was one of the most important dialogues in the entire film, and they deleted it.

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I started watching eene two days ago and actually like it cx
These two are my favorite characters so far..=w=

*whispers* and I ship them~

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did someone just poorly photoshop sakimichan’s version of Ursula? Photoshopping other people’s art is rude, wtf is wrong with that person????

Are you people fucking serious???? Never, EVER, photoshop someone else’s work without their permission! That is just so rude.

Actually someone on reddit did the photoshopping, which sakimichan then reblogged here on tumblr saying she thought it was funny. 

Although I’m amused at how Theartofanimation thought it was the official version to include it in this set lmao

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Goodbye, Loki. And hello, Loki. 

It seems we know you better than you know yourself, old one.

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